Meeting Minutes

The annual budget meeting was called to order on December 1, 2019 at 11:30 by council chair Judy Giguere.


Copies of the budget proposal were passed out and reviewed by Trustee chair Rod Orr.

it was explained that we overpaid the ministers pension in 2018 and the increase is an adjustment after balancing it out in 2019. Dan Stevenson said we should try to get copies out earlier so members have time to review it.  It was brought up that dinners and special events don't get as much support from members as they should. 

A misprint was pointed out on line 403. Should be $5,000 not $5,000,000.  It was moved and passed to remove the $400 for kaptera software. It was later moved and passed to put that $400 to donations. 

It was moved by Carol Yarrison and seconded by Larry Minor to accept the proposed 2020 budget. Motion was carried.

A discussion was held about setting church goals with Pastor Denise. This was informational only.

  Meeting was adjourned at 12:00


Bill Rinko, clerk

September 8, 2019 Quarterly Meeting

The quarterly meeting of the First Congregational Church of Plymouth was called to order at 11:30 by council chair Judy Giguere. Ray Dupont did the opening prayer.


Minutes of June meeting were read and accepted.


Treasurer’s report was read and accepted.

  • General fund $14,103.12

  • Outstanding checks-$1,878.68

  • Running bal. $12,224.44

  • Hazelton fund- $3,935.59

  • Rent $18,654.45

  • Earmarked money-

    • TSB grant $1,700

    • Bradley fund $357.53

    • Memorial Garden $52.52


Pastor wants to expand communication as it is an important part of outreach. She is going to use email more. Carol Yarrison doesn't have time to do Steeple & People. Madison Ouelett is willing to take it over if she gets some guidance. Pastor Denise and the whole congregation express their appreciation to Carol for a job well done.

On the communication subject, Doug Konitsky is trying to find us a better internet server.


The Trustees reported the steeple work should be done in the next 2 weeks. The big item was the Sanctuary ceiling.   They submitted a proposal from Painters Pride that would be done in 2 phases.# 1 will be the 3 areas over the balconies in November.# 2 will be the main ceiling in the first 3 months of 2020. They guarantee the work for 2 years with a cost of between $63,000 and $70,000.

The money as it is needed will be taken from various accounts as follows.

The amount in ( ) is the current amount in fund.

  • Hazleton $2,000 ($3,935) 

  • Rent $10,000 (17,400) 

  • Book of Remembrance $3,000 ($6,200)

  • Endowment $30,000 ($364,000)

  • May Fund $20,000 ($72,000)

  • Organ fund $5,000 ($21,000) 

Motion was made by Rod Orr and seconded by Ray Dupont to spend up to $70,000 to redo the ceiling. Motion carried with 4 nays.


Diaconate is looking to do more outreach. They are working on a special service to be announced. 


Missions thanked everyone who helped on all the various projects. The Lutheran church's Orphan Grain Train has lots of items to help people in need. Hope to have mission moments from Kathy Lutz and Jona Williams. Oct. 10th is a tentative date for a Filipino style dinner.


Brin Olivieri is the new Religious Education chair. Gayle Konitsky will stay on as superintendent. Sunday school starts next week with the curriculum starting Oct. 6th. Fall Fest is Oct. 5th.


Nominating for Religious Education: Bryn Olivieri and Melanie Ethier 2yr. terms and Kylie Ouelett a 1 year term. All 3 were voted in. Emery Austin has resigned from Stewardship. Janet Rinko was nominated to take his place.


Fellowship probably won’t do a blueberry pancake supper this year as attendance was low compared to the cost. Money is set aside for the thrift store appreciation dinner but no date set.  The receptacle for the refrigerator in the back room is bad. This will be repaired. Christmas Bazaar will be the weekend before Thanksgiving. People are needed to make items for the bazaar.


The Ad Hoc committee needs the surveys back. Gayle reported the conversion of the conference room into a study room almost done.  Might do a Rally Day the last Sunday in September.  There was discussion about recognizing volunteers. It was felt this would include almost everyone. Put off for another time.


Larry Minor moved and it was seconded to buy an electric signboard. Motion carried.


Clean up day will be September 21st.

Looking for plantings for Memorial Garden.

A reminder of the annual meeting Dec. 1st. 

Pastor Denise did a closing prayer.


Meeting adjourned at 12:48 pm


 William Rinko, clerk

The annual meeting of the First Congregational Church of Plymouth Connecticut was called to order at 11:00 on February 2, 2020 by Council chair Judy Giguere.

Pastor Denise did the opening prayer

  Minutes of the December budget meeting were read and accepted.

  Chair thanked Darlene Beecher for her work as Fellowship chair. Darlene is stepping down as chair but staying on the committee. Chair also thanked Janet Rinko for help on the annual report.

  The repainting of the ceiling is progressing well but the old paint is not coming off well in spots.

  Lorraine Babb reported that the Stephen Ministries program lacks enough people to keep going and would like for the program to become inactive. However, those involved will still offer services and programs to those in need. This was put in the form of a motion and was carried by voice vote.

  The annual report was reviewed with only minor corrections or clarifications. It was moved and passed to accept the proposed slate of officers and committee members.

It was then moved and passed to accept the annual report.

  The deacons reviewed the church survey from last fall and proposed a list of goals for our church. It was moved and passed to accept the proposed goals. A copy of which is in the clerk's record.

      Pastor Denise closed with a prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 1:00.



Bill Rinko, clerk

June 9, 2019 Quarterly Meeting


The quarterly meeting of the First Congregational Church of Plymouth was called to order at 10:45 on June 9, 2019 by council chair Judy Giguere. Joyce Gorham did the opening prayer.


  The minutes of March quarterly meeting read and accepted.


  The treasurer's report was read and accepted.


            A motion was made by Bill Rinko and seconded by Janet Rinko to authorize the diaconate to enter into a covenant with Rev. Denise Clapsaddle as a Designated Pastor. A paper ballot was passed out with 4 options. Approve Designated pastor, stay with an interim, stay with an interim but form a search committee or table the motion.  Motion was carried 46-1-1-3.


            A motion was made and seconded to accept the proposed bylaw changes. Motion was carried by a voice vote.


            Pastor report: We had Easter Sunrise service in the Memorial Garden. Thanks to all who helped with Easter breakfast, especially Ray Dupont. Contemporary service with Terryville Congregational once a month on Saturday is going well. Children's Sunday was a success.


Pastor is doing vacation bible study with Terryville second week of July. Jess Dupont might possibly do a Japanese style dinner in the future. 


            Trustees:  Getting bids to remove paint from sanctuary ceiling. Then leave center metal with sides white. Stevens and Sons will finish the steeple work.


            Deacons: Recently delivered flowers to shut-ins. Scholarships to be awarded on June 16th. Using cards for prayer concerns is a 50/50 success. Will form a liaison committee to work with Designated Pastor.


            Religious Education:  Working on next year’s program. Have about 21 children. 


            Fellowship: Helped with Maple Fest, Easter Breakfast, and the Mayday Barbeque. The Barbeque was a big success and we made over $1600 for the scholarship fund. Fellowship will host coffee hour the 4th Sunday of each month. 


            Missions: Mission Moments doing well. Because of a scheduling conflict Jona Williams' dinner has been delayed.


            Church Government Committee: nothing to report

            Nominating: All set for now.

            Concerned members group meets every other Monday.

            Old Business: Doug Konitsky is picking scrap metal up again.

            New Business: A farmers market will be held on the green every Wednesday from July 10th to October. Dial a ride service to Farmers market might be offered.

Rita Bastionello has offered to make flower arrangements for ill or shut-in members.

Meeting adjourned approx. 12:00 pm                                             

Bill Rinko, clerk

 The Quarterly meeting of the Congregational Church of Plymouth Connecticut was held on June 7, 2020 via computer using zoom. It was called to order at 11:09 by council chair Judy Giguere.


Pastor Denise opened with a prayer'

Minutes were read and accepted.

Treasurers report- gen. fund $1391. organ$16,701.95 Hazleton fund $45,939.59 ($41,997.70 is from insurance for steeple repair) Rent $4391.30 sign$254.58   There is $3725 in PPP loan. Treasurer's report accepted

  PASTOR; We will resume in person worship on the green at 9:00 on June 14th. Bring your own chair and mask. Working on an online alternative. Thrift store reopening 2 days a week. Had over 40 customers first day. Pastor Denise is helping in the store.

  TRUSTEES: At this point spending exceeds income. Waiting for insurance to fix light pole in parking lot. Work on the steeple is progressing. Putting an outside facet on the church. We failed the water test because of very limited water due to the current situation.

MISSION: gave $200 to Rotary Club $200 to Social Services $300 to Phillipines $250 to orphan Grain Train $250 misc.

DEACONS: Scholarship fund is down from last year. looking at a Take out only fundraiser in July. Deacons will make sure everyone knows about the services on the green.

RE: Making a package for each family in Sunday School. Trying to figure next year out.


   Meeting adjourned at 12:34

                                                Bill Rinko, clerk

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