• Judy Giguere

Words of Encouragement from Pastor Denise

I miss everyone! I see some people most weeks, either in-person or online. Others I have not seen in months. But I miss you all every day.

I don't know when we will all be together again. We may resume in-person worship soon, if not this month then in a month or two of trends continue. But many will hang back, fearing the danger is not passed. And it will take a while for normal life to resume.

In the meantime I will keep trying creative ways to keep everyone connected and to help people avoid being sad or discouraged because of the times we are all suffering through. The hardest thing for me is that we are not together in times of joy and times of grief and all the regular times in between.

I wish I could hug everyone who has become a grandparent or made the President's list or accepted a promotion at work or retired.

I wish I could hug everyone who has lost someone close or experienced depression, anxiety or other setbacks.

Someday soon there will be hugging, there will be shared meals and laughter. Until then know you are all in my prayers every single day. I encourage you all to pray for one another as well. The things that keep us apart will not tear us apart. We will not allow that. Prayers will hold us together, lift us up and bring us light and hope.

Blessings and love, Pastor Denise

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