Prayer Concerns

The prayer chain is going strong. We have quite a few who are now listed as members of the chain. Some are contacted by email and others are called on the phone and of course asked to pray. Anyone who is interested in being part of the prayer chain, just contact Karen D. at 860-585-8128 or email her at
As for those needing prayers or wanting us to pray for someone, just contact Karen at the above phone number or email address. Make sure to leave a message if she is not at home. If you can't reach Karen, contact Bonnie L. at 860-506-4382 or email:
  • Ruth Litwin turning 96 July 30.

  • June C, whose sister recently passed away.

  • Howie G, who has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

  • Joseph K (husband of Melissa S), recovering from procedure.

  • Brenda W, undergoing surgery July 29th.

  • Dan S, recovering from procedure.

  • Melanie E, health issues.

  • The family of Ingrid, who passed away Friday.

  • Kathy Lutz and her son, participating in modified Pan Mass

    • challenge long-distance bike ride over this weekend

    • and next weekend.

  • Edward C, moving soon.

  • Laura, moving to assisted living/memory issues.

  • Ann Cooper (Beth Cooper's daughter and \Fran Maxwell's

    • granddaughter), who is the mom of a one year old

    • and battling Stage 4 cancer.

  • Helen T, recovering at home from open heart surgery.

  • Kingston, the premature baby is now at home! Prayers of

    • thanksgiving!

  • Fran R, recovering at home.

  • Alvin H.

  • Claudia C

  • Mary, recovering from fall.

  • All those dealing with divorce and related family problems.

  • Cathy, experiencing growth of cancerous tumor on her liver.

  • Beatrice O, recovering at home.

  • Doug K, still recovering from recent procedure.

  • Gayle F Konitski, procedure July 15.

  • Rita B, undergoing testing.

  • Children and their families.

  • Tammy P, going through chemo/recovering

    • from ovarian cancer.

  • Guy B, dealing with cancer.

  • Jan R

  • Derrick H, recovering from coma from reaction to medication.

  • Chrissie L, at Cook Willow.

  • Mike B, in hospice care.

  • Judy G, health issues.

  • Ann S's son in law Tim, undergoing cancer treatment at Yale.

  • For all those fighting Covid-19, as patients or caregivers.

  • For those in a season of grief or depression.

  • Bell family.