Prayer Concerns

The prayer chain is going strong. We have quite a few who are now listed as members of the chain. Some are contacted by email and others are called on the phone and of course asked to pray. Anyone who is interested in being part of the prayer chain, just contact Karen D. at 860-585-8128 or email her at
As for those needing prayers or wanting us to pray for someone, just contact Karen at the above phone number or email address. Make sure to leave a message if she is not at home. If you can't reach Karen, contact Bonnie L. at 860-506-4382 or email:
  • Ron, Heart disease and cancer

  • Carol O, assistance in finding home care

  • Free and fair elections and peaceful election season

  • Ed Clapsaddle (Denise's Dad)

  • Bill J (Judy P's Brother in Law) recovery from surgery for cancer recurrence

  • Pat K, recovering from surgery

  • Larry K

  • June S recovering at home from back fractures

  • Darlene Br's sister Joanne

  • Peter, continuing recovery from Covid and back injury

  • Tracy D, Dental Issues

  • Karl

  • Those dealing with recent hurricanes, storms

  • Those dealing with fires and hurricane/flooding

  • Societal unrest and divisions

  • Peace

  • Corrine

  • Darrel, Mesothelioma - Darrel passed away October 3 2020.  Prayers for his family.

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