Prayer Concerns

The prayer chain is going strong. We have quite a few who are now listed as members of the chain. Some are contacted by email and others are called on the phone and of course asked to pray. Anyone who is interested in being part of the prayer chain, just contact Karen D. at 860-585-8128 or email her at
As for those needing prayers or wanting us to pray for someone, just contact Karen at the above phone number or email address. Make sure to leave a message if she is not at home. If you can't reach Karen, contact Bonnie L. at 860-506-4382 or email:
  • Helen Tomasello, recovering from Open Heart surgery to remove a blood clot.

  • Pat M, recovering from a stroke.

  • Mike B, recovering from serious burns.

  • Doug K, continued healing for his hand surgery.

  • Frances P(Mark's grandmother) recuperating from a broken hip.

  • Rita B, undergoing testing.

  • Nick, looking for a new home.

  • Those suffering from the Covid Pandemic in India.

  • Tammy P, going through chemo/recovering from ovarian cancer.

  • Amy O, mourning her son who died late last year and

    • looking for a new cat.

  • Billie-Rose who has been moved to Sheridan Woods

  • Seniors graduating this year who do not know

    • what they want to do in the future

  • Beth W, who is getting married on June 6, has

    • been widowed for many years.

  • Karen M, whose husband passed away.

  • Michelle B, recovering from surgery for arm break.

  • Guy B, undergoing radiation for brain cancer.

  • Peggy, recovering neck disc surgery.

  • Charlene D's Daughter in Law Angel, improving from

    • treatment for a flareup of her MS.

  • Edward C, therapy for swallowing/speaking muscle weakness.

  • June S.

  • Ron O, much improved.

  • Julie, improving after multiple emergency surgeries.

  • Jan R.

  • Derrick H, recovering from coma from reaction to medication.

  • Chrissie L, at Cook Willow.

  • Mike B, in hospice care.

  • Judy G, health issues.

  • Ann S's son in law, cancer treatment.

  • Joe M, who has recovered from his recent illness.

  • Nicole, who delivered a healthy boy after a difficult pregnancy.

  • For all those fighting Covid-19, as patients or caregivers.

  • For those in a season of grief or depression.

  • For healing of divisions in our nation and world.

  • Pray for continued healing all with cancer.

  • Carol O, continued healing.

  • Darlene B's sister Joanne.

  • All those with who suffer from Covid-19 and an end to the Pandemic.

  • Prayers for Plymouth.