Religious Education

Welcome back to the 2019/20 Sunday School year!
We offer classes for Pre-K thru Grade 8.
Classes will start in the Sunday School at 9 am. We then will go over to the church at 10:00. Once the children's story is complete, your child will be dismissed to sit with you as a family for the service or to be dismissed at your request in the Fellowship Hall of the Church. We are changing this so that more families can come to Sunday School. We understand the demands of sports schedules/activities on Sundays. We hope that this will make it easier for your family to do both. This will also allow our teachers, leaders and children to be more involved in our church service as well as Fellowship Hour.
We have continued to add new fresh touches to our classrooms for our media driven curriculum. Your child will get the hands-on learning experience they all love with a new, upbeat media experience with each lesson. They will love the visual and hands-on learning experience.
If you have any questions, please call or email me. I am always available to answer any questions or concerns.
Gayle Foulke-Konitski
Superintendent of Sunday School
First Congregational Church of Plymouth


due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Resources are available at:

This is a short video about Holy Week  featuring images created by and for young children. It is appropriate for all ages. (Adults will probably love the video too!)

You can watch our Tenebrae video together as a family. Please note it includes images that may be upsetting so parental guidance is suggested. Parents might want to preview the video first.

You can find Holy Week coloring pages here.

While Sunday School is not able to meet, here are some resources for children and families. Be sure to watch our online worship videos together as a family. 

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