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About Us

Wherever you are on life's journey, you are welcome to grow with us!

Welcome to The First Congregational Church of Plymouth Connecticut. 
We welcome you - no matter who you are, what your life circumstances, or where you are on the journey of faith. We won't tell you what to believe. We'll share what we've found and live the questions with you. We are companions, supporting one another through the peaks and valleys of life. 

We are a C
ongregational Protestant Denomination, and part of the United Church of Christ. 
which means we self organized and run independently by our own congregation. 


Our Story

In the early 1700s, the area of what is now Plymouth and Thomaston was called Northbury.  In 1747, the Ecclesiastical Society of Northbury acquired four acres of land to be used for a meetinghouse, a training ground for the local militia to ward off Indian attacks, and a cemetery. This land became the center of the village of Plymouth. The present day Congregational Church was built in 1838. Eli Terry, famous clockmaker and Plymouth resident, built the wooden clockworks that still run the clock today.

You can learn more about the history of our church at the Plymouth Historical Society and the Town of Plymouth website.


The purpose of our church is to follow Jesus Christ in every way that we are able to, and to bless the celebrations of the lives of our church family and friends, and to support folks in times of grief, illness, and life transitions.

Together, we seek meaning in life's mystery, strength for its challenges, and grace for the journey. We take the Bible to be our foundation, as we seek God and appreciate
His gifts through Christ. 



Denise Clapsaddle
Transitional Minister

Melissa Schrager
Acting Administrative Assistant &
Social Media Manager

Janet Rinko

Dan Stevenson

Marilyn Mattoon
Minister of Music

Laura Sales
Manager of the Good News Thrift Store

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